Welcome to Matrix Recruitment Group. Below you will find an overview of how we can help you find your dream job.

If you have any questions or need more information, just contact us; we’re happy to help. We specalise in you.

  • Working for an SME

    The approach is more hands-on in an SME organisation, giving you more exposure allowing you to gain a variety of skills across several business functions.

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  • Search Jobs

    Actively looking for a job, or just curious to see what’s available? We have lots of exciting positions ready to fill.

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  • Job Categories

    We work across 9 job categories, including Accountancy, Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality & Laboratory, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Office Support & IT, and Sales & Marketing.

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  • Our Promise to You

    We work to the highest ethical standards and are committed to giving you a professional and personal recruitment experience. View our candidate charter.

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  • Why Choose Us

    There are many reasons to choose us, not just over other recruitment agencies, but versus applying to companies directly.

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  • Candidate Recruitment Process

    While hiring processes vary, there is a general pattern when it comes to recruitment. See how we work with our clients and view our step by step infographic.

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  • CV and Career Advice

    Visit our career advice section for lots of CV tips and interview techniques and to download our sample CV.

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  • Temporary Work

    Are you interested in temporary work or currently on our payroll? Click here to find out how it works and to download all relevant forms you will need.

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  • Working in Ireland

    Moving to Ireland for work? Find out everything you need to know, including information on work permits and holiday entitlements.

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