85% of people in Ireland say that becoming a parent impacts a woman’s career progression opportunities. Findings from the 2019 Matrix Recruitment Workplace Equality Survey of 2,070 adults also showed that 42% of people have experienced workplace discrimination. See the summary of our results below:

Infographic: 53% of non-binary people suffer discrimination at work, 25% of people in gender pay gap, 59% of people agree with the principle of gender quotas in the workplace,  69% of people in Ireland say that the glass ceiling still exists for women in the workplace.

This annual survey is extremely important, as it helps benchmark and track issues pertaining to inequality and discrimination in the workplace.  In some areas, there has been very little movement since the 2018 survey, which is not unexpected, but in others, such as the reported incidence of sexual harassment at work, there has been a marked decline.  This shows the impact of people-power combined with sound policies and support from industry.  As a recruitment team dealing with both job-seekers and employers on a daily basis, this is quite heartening, but we hope that we will see even more movement in the coming years, so that we can reach full equality in the workplace.

The second Matrix Workplace Equality Survey was conducted online in October 2019 among 2,070 adults working across a broad range of industries, sectors, and regions.  Respondents from the following areas: accountancy, financial services, engineering, manufacturing, quality & laboratory, supply chain, HR, office & IT support and sales & marketing. To view the 2018 results, click here.

Workplace Equality Survey Results


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