The Matrix Recruitment Remote Working Survey tracked the views of almost 1,000 adults in Ireland, three-quarters of which were employees. Scroll down to view The Employees' Perspective infographic.

Remote Working Report – The Employees’ Perspective

According to our working from home survey, conducted in April 2020, two-thirds of employees in Ireland who are working from home as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, say they are enjoying their new set-up, with 60% saying they would like the option to continue working from home at least 1-2 days per week when it all ends.

The research, conducted by almost 1,000 employees and business owners in the country, also revealed that most employers share this view, with 70% of business owners saying they enjoy working from home.  More than half of all employers surveyed said they would consider allowing employees to work from home, at least 1-2 days per week once normality resumes.

Over 40% of employees say the best thing about working from home is not having to commute to work, followed by 20% saying they have more control over their working day.  15% say that the best thing is being able to spend more time with family.

While 40% admit to problems with concentration on some days, just over a quarter think they are more productive, while most (over 40%) think they are equally as productive working from home. Business owners have a more positive view of their staff with 60% responding that staff are actually more productive in their new work environment.


Over 70% of employees feel supported by their employer and colleagues in their home office environment, with almost 70% stating they are in touch with colleagues every working day. 75% of business owners stated they feel adequately connected to staff, however, a noteworthy 78% of employers admit to finding it challenging to motivate staff at this time.

Video calls are the most popular means of staying in touch (55%) followed by email (52%), although employers prefer the traditional method of picking up the phone to stay in touch (40%).  40% of employers say that they are in touch 3-4 times per week with their staff.

When it comes to what we miss the most about the office, 60% of employees who are working from home miss the interaction with colleagues; two-thirds of respondents cite that they miss having proper structure on their working day.

Pay cuts

The survey also served to shine a light on the stark reality of business closures, job losses and reduced hours for many workers in Ireland, with almost 80% of business owners stating they have had to reduce hours for staff and two-thirds of employers having to implement pay cuts. Of the respondents who are business owners, the majority (44%) employ between 11 and 25 people followed by 42% employing between 1-10.

Of the business owners who are not working from home, 42% have closed their businesses temporarily, while 19% reported having to close their business permanently. 24%  are considered essential service providers, so continue to work.

Other findings of note in the Working from Home Report – The Employees’ Perspective:

  • The kitchen and the bedroom prove to be most popular place of work for business owners (40% each), while the living room is most popular with employees (30%) followed by the kitchen (25%)
  • Interestingly, over three quarters (77%) of business owners are having to share their office space with family or housemates, while the majority of employees are not sharing with others, albeit marginal (52% not sharing, 48% sharing).

The Employees’ Perspective Infographic

JPEG Infographic working from home survey employers


About this survey:

The Matrix Recruitment Working from Home Survey was conducted online in April 2020 among 1,000 employers and employees in Ireland over the age of 18. Matrix Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading recruitment firms.  Established in 1998 and with offices in Dublin, Waterford, Carlow and Athlone Matrix specialises in a number of job categories including accountancy, financial services, engineering manufacturing, quality & laboratory, supply chain, HR, office support, IT and sales & marketing.       @Matrixrecruit                #MatrixRemoteWorkingReport

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