Here at Matrix Recruitment, our recruitment experts have come up with new careers for all islanders except Jack and Alex! Read our blog post to see what we think is next for your favourite Love Island contestants.


If, like us, you’ve spent the past eight weeks glued to Love Island you might be wondering what’s next for the contestants.  Will Jack return to his job as a stationery sales manager, will Dani resume her role behind the bar, will Dr Alex set pulses racing in A&E and are Laura’s days working at 40,000 feet behind her?

With 20 years’ experience matching people to jobs, we gathered in the boardroom to assess the careers and jobs that might better suit the Love Island contestants once they return to the ‘outside world’.  We’ve looked at their current jobs, personality traits, interests and the tasks they have performed to come up with totally unscientific advice as to what career changes they should make.


Dani works in a bar and is the outspoken east end girl who has a kind heart, is a good listener and has strong people and situational management skills.

The perfect job: We originally toyed with the idea of Dani opening a dating agency, as she demonstrated unique skills when encouraging Dr Alex to try out role play to woo fellow islander, Alexandra. However, after much debate, we’ve settled on Dani becoming head of HR for a multinational.  She’s brilliant at managing people, sorting out their issues and listening to their woes.  She’s also hilarious and would ensure a happy working environment.


Georgia is a student and the most honest, loyal and real person you will ever meet – according to Georgia.

The perfect job:  We decided that it doesn’t matter what Georgia does, because she’ll always be loyal to her employer. Until another one comes along that turns her head.


Jack works as a stationery sales manager and is a cheeky chappy oozing with confidence and banter; he’s also something of a matchmaker.

The perfect job: based on his shopping, cooking and secret crisp-snacking exploits, we reckon that Jack would be snapped up by the likes of Tayto or Keogh’s Crisps.  However, Jack is a consummate salesman and possesses exceptional powers of persuasion.  When it comes to sales Jack walks the walk and talks the talk, so the advice from us is to stick to what you’re good at – you’ll go far.


A model known for his amazing mop of curly hair, Eyal is a deep thinker and likes to have meaningful conversations; he was the Zen member of the crew.

The perfect job: Eyal would make a wonderful holistic healer, mindfulness guru or psychologist. Any of these roles would allow him to practice what he preaches and to get in touch with his (and others’) inner feelings.


From Scotland, Laura is a member of Cabin Crew with Emirates who has suffered more than her fair share of setbacks on the island.  Having been cast aside not once, but twice by Wes and Jack respectively in favour of newer (and younger) islanders, Laura has managed to rebound, stay on the island and remain chirpy.  She has also supported and offered advice to her follow-islanders, even those who have coupled-up with her former love interests.  Now that’s loyalty.

The perfect job:   Laura has the right personality and the requisite skills to make for a great therapist, life coach or career guidance counsellor.


A semi-professional football player, new Jack has an eye for fashion and Twitter has helped us to decide this one.

The perfect job: New Jack should move into the world of fashion and become a fashion correspondent for a national title or TV station.  He can review the best and the worst from all of the high profile events like the Met Ball and The Oscars, report back from London Fashion Week and tell us what we’ll be wearing next season.


Aka Dr Love, the A&E doctor has divided the nation, with the one time quiet and much-loved island medic being branded a ‘love rat’ by the Twitterati.

The perfect job:  We don’t advocate a change for Dr Alex; to us, he will always be Dr Alex but, if he were to change careers he could get a job with Hallmark.  His chat-up lines are cringe-worthy.


Model Megan has undergone something of a transformation during her time on Love Island and is almost unrecognisable from the girl we first saw on our screens some weeks back.  If you’ve been watching, you’ll know what we mean. Maybe it’s down to boyfriend Wes and the prospect of having to meet his family or perhaps it’s all an act.  Who knows?  Who cares?

The perfect job: We found it difficult to agree on the appropriate role for Megan but, given her seismic personality change and new, more conservative approach to life, however temporary, most of us thought that she would make a great teacher. Prim and proper.  However, some of our recruitment consultants felt that she’d make a great accountant. The word dull springs to mind. Radical we know, but stranger things have happened.

We can’t help all of the candidates change jobs, but we can certainly help some! We’ve loved this year’s series and will be keeping a close eye on those that don’t make the celebrity cut once they leave the island.  It will be interesting to see how their Love Island experience influences their career choices. But one thing’s for sure, there’s a job out there for all of them.

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