The number of job applications coming in on Smartphones is on the rise. Here at Matrix, we want to make sure you are aware of how to upload your CV from your phone!

Did you know that 78% of candidates would apply for a job in their Smartphone?


  • Convenience 

Searching for a job on your mobile device is much more convenient than sitting on a desktop – think about it – you are sitting in front of your TV relaxing, you decide you want to have a browse to see what jobs are around at the moment, do you:

  1. Get up and find a desktop – sit down, switch it on, load it up and search online.
  2. Take out your phone and have a quick scroll through – without leaving the couch!

I don’t know about you but I would choose Option 2 (Anything to minimize effort and movement of any kind! )

  • Time Sensitive

When you are on the move, in town, on a bus, etc. & you see a job that you know you would LOVE, you will want to apply there and then. The worry kicks in as you think, “What if the job is closed by the time I get to a Desktop? What if I miss the deadline?”

You just want to apply right now. We can show you how.


Just follow these quick & easy steps:

  • You all have your CV saved somewhere online – you must save it to your Dropbox folder. If you don’t currently have a Dropbox account – create one now here.
  • Once you have it saved to your Dropbox account, you can access it from any device anywhere in the world once you have internet – iPhone or Android – Ah the beauty of Dropbox!
  • Download the Dropbox App to your phone & sign in. You will now see your CV on your phone and ready to go!
  • Go to Matrix Recruitment Group Website.
  • To register your CV with us click “Register CV”.
  • Fill in the required fields then scroll down to “Attach CV”.



  • Chose the “Dropbox” option and – VOILA – your CV will be there ready and waiting for you to upload!


Upload CV using Phone


  • OR if you are looking at a particular job – scroll down to “Apply for Job”.



Upload CV using Phone


  • Again – fill in the fields and click “Choose file” – the Dropbox option will show again and just choose your CV!

I hope this helps all jobseekers out there! If you want any more advice on how to write your CV click here.

With offices located in Dublin, Athlone, Galway, Carlow and Waterford, our team are well placed to find you your dream job. Why not register your CV now and get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your next move.