If you’re entering the world of work or thinking about changing your profession, you may wonder if experience is more important than education, or the other way around. The famous and controversial Education Versus Experience debate, but which triumphs in the end?

46% of Ireland’s graduates are in jobs unrelated to their third level degree

Survey conducted in July 2019. Featured The Irish Examiner (Print & Online).


With CAO first and second round offers now released, and the rest in the coming weeks, many of you may still be wondering is a third level degree necessary for me to get where I want to go in my career? We do not have a simple black and white answer for you, unfortunately. We do, however, have the results of our recent Education Versus Experience survey to share with you. Below, we have highlighted some of the main findings from the survey. Do you feel that a third level degree is necessary in 2019?

You will find the full survey results right here.

Main findings from the survey:

Experience more important than degree for landing a job according to 46%

Over 49% of graduates regret course choice at third level

Only 13% said that their qualification alone was instrumental in landing their current role

One in five would not recommend their degree course to someone looking to pursue a similar career

More than half of respondents claimed that they would like to return to college to pursue another career

Three quarters of third level graduates do not believe that their third level degree sufficiently prepared them for the working world

85% of respondents believe that more emphasis should be placed on people skills during their third level degree


Is a Third Level Degree Necessary?

Is a Third Level Degree Necessary?


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