Need tips on how to answer the 'Tell me about yourself' interview question? Patricia, Michelle, Rena and Kylie from our recruitment team give some great tips on how to approach this potentially tricky interview question.

Patricia – Focus On Your Key Strengths

Here the client wants to find out what can you bring to the role and what relevant experience you have. They don’t want you to get into how many kids you have or how long you have been married!!

Here you really get to sell yourself. You need to focus in on the job spec & the key criteria required for the position. Highlight your relevant experience /proven successes, then focus in on your key strengths (relevant to the role) and then close off with what you are looking for in your next career move.

Michelle – Don’t Waffle. Have A Prepared Answer
“Tell me about yourself”….. it’s such a vague open ended question that candidates will have a tendency to waffle and blurt out their life story. However, you should focus on your key strengths for the position. Your main goal as an interviewee is to get the job; so script an answer to this question outlining your key selling points and strengths and state what you are looking for now along with your overall career goals. Give the interviewer the information they want to hear. Then all you have to do is practice and perfect your response.

Rena – Outline Experience Relevant To The Role
This question is about engaging your interviewer, giving them your story and selling yourself for the job. It is your first chance to make a good impression and if you do this well you will immediately be more relaxed for the rest of the interview. My advice would be to keep it short and sweet.  To keep your answer interesting, mention why you chose your particular career path, outline your experience that is relevant to the job and make sure you emphasize why you are suitable for the role.  Don’t ramble as you want to keep the interviewer engaged at all times. For creative or innovative roles, don’t be afraid to give an interesting and unique fact about yourself!

Kylie – Mention Education, Career History and Key Strengths
This is a common question asked at most interviews and is important as it sets the tone for the interview. I would recommend you have an answer mapped out and keep it relevant to the job you are interviewing for. It should be a short synopsis of your educational, employment history and key strengths.  Start with the most recent and work backwards. Be positive and confident with your answer as this is your chance to sell yourself to the interviewer and get yourself remembered. Use this time to show how you will make a positive impact on the company.