Everyone knows how competitive the employment market is at the moment. It is vitally important to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by recruiters or hiring managers. This can be a difficult task when you consider that recruiters and hiring managers are receiving hundreds of CVs for the same opportunity.

A competitive market

As we all know, a lot of candidates applying for certain positions in specific industry sectors will have the required third level degree, job experience and even have the required industry background environment.    Therefore, in order for you / your CV to be noticed by the Hiring Manager/Recruiter, you need to stand out from the other CVs in whatever way you can.

Here are a few tips from The Matrix Recruitment Group team to help get noticed.

You only have 30 seconds to get noticed. Use keywords!

I recently attended the Career Zoo at the Conference Centre and sat in on the Speaker Series “Finding the right career in 2015”. The session had a number of key speakers including Cathy Watts, University Relations Manager with State Street and Suzanne Whelan, Talent Acquisition Manager for Ireland & UK from Version1.  Speakers noted that they receive hundreds of CVs a week, and in reality 20-30 seconds is spent scanning each CV.  I would say the key to getting noticed by a recruiter/hiring manager is to get your CV to stand out by customizing it to reflect the appropriate terms/keywords used in the job descriptions. You must keep in mind that recruiters and hiring managers are trying to match a job description with a CV and need to quickly identify that match when viewing CVs.  Make a clear connection between with the company needs and your specific skills and accomplishments!Gillian Wall

Gillian Wall, Financial Services Recruitment Consultant

Create a short yet punchy summary of yourself and keep that LinkedIn profile up to date!

My recommendation or tip(s) would be:

Develop a short, sharp professional profile to appear at the top of your CV which will make you “different and unique and memorable” but of course relevant also. Be sure to include your most relevant skills, experiences and achievements in this profile. Many recruiters/hiring managers may read this section and only decide to read on based on whether you are a good match to the position they are recruiting for.

Ensure you have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile for the Recruiter/Hiring Manager to check you out – again ensuring relevancy, keywords highlighting your skills and qualities – which are being sought after. I have met a lot of candidates who constantly keep their CV up to date with new skills and qualifications but forget to do the same with their LinkedIn profiles. A recruiter will often read your CV and may view your LinkedIn profile at a later stage. It is crucial to ensure that you stand out on both platforms!Carol Lochab

Carol Lochab, Recruitment Consultant

Get your face and name out there! Network, Network, Network

Standing out from the crowd can be a very difficult challenge for jobseekers, particularly when in many cases recruiters are receiving hundreds of applications for roles they are trying to fill. You have to remember that when you are in the lookout for a job, you are selling your skills and experiences to a prospective buyer, in this case a potential employer. Any salesperson will tell you it is far easier to complete a sale by getting in the room with the buyer and physically interacting with that person.

The jobs market is no different. Attending networking events and careers fairs is an excellent way to reach hiring managers and even a quick 5 minute chat with that person gives you the opportunity to develop a rapport and leave a lasting impression.

Another big networking platform in the jobs market is LinkedIn. Be sure to grow your profile to ‘All-Star’ Level by by completing all sections of your Profile and by having Recommendations (minimum 2), Connections (minimum 50) and (at least 25) Endorsements. You should connect with HR professionals and recruiters in your area and try and share updates and articles about your industry so that your name is at the front of their mind when they have a new role to fill.Niall Curley

Niall Curley, Technical Recruitment Consultant

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal

Due to the high volume of CV’s that can come through for any given role it is important to make each application different through tailoring your email/cover letter accompanying your application.

I can’t tell you how many times I have received a generic Copy/Paste email with no reference to the details of the role on the job advert and the introduction is “Dear Sir/Madam”. When I see this it tells me that the candidate has not taken much time to review the job spec for the role or even taken the time to look at my name at the end of the advert! In tailoring your email to the recruitment consultant or hiring manager it will show that you have actually taken the time to review the job and you are actually interested in the opportunity.

Coca-Cola’s recent ‘Share a Coke with….’ campaign has shown that people love a personal touch. Remember this when applying for jobs too! Sarah Heffernan

Sarah Heffernan, Technical Recruitment Consultant