An internship can be one of the first steps you take in your career and can have a deep impact on the remainder of your working life. But is it worth it?

When an internship is executed properly by an organisation, it can provide serious value to both the company and the intern it employs. The experience you gain during an internship can clarify if you want to work in that industry or not. An internship should be approached strategically from both the company and the intern, in order for both parties to get the maximum benefits.

Megann Higgins worked as an intern for Matrix Recruitment, based in our Athlone office, from January to June 2019. Here, she shares her experience of her 6-month internship within the recruitment industry.

1. What are you studying in college?

I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Business Degree in Athlone Institute of Technology. I will be going into my final year in September this year, 2019.

2. What drew you to the recruitment industry when you were seeking an internship?

In my second year of college, I studied Human Resource Management as part of my course. I took an instant interest in the module which covered areas such as HRM in practice, interviews, HR planning, recruitment and selection. I also spoke to professionals in various areas of Human Resources and after speaking to them, I decided I would like to try get a recruitment internship. Most of the students in my course wanted to go into accounting and banking internships but I knew I was more drawn to recruitment.

3. What were your expectations before you began your internship with Matrix Recruitment?

When I was looking into internship placements at the beginning of third year, I spoke to my Placement Liaison Officer, and asked for advice on how to get into the recruitment industry. After our discussion, I decided to investigate Matrix Recruitment, Athlone. Before starting my internship, I thought I would be doing basic administration duties, getting tea/coffee etc. I was delighted when I started and found out I would be involved in live projects and that I would be exposed to the full recruitment cycle.

4. What duties and responsibilities were you given when you began your internship?

For the first two weeks of my internship I did a lot of training and shadowing the recruiters in the Athlone office. After my training, I was given tasks such as answering the phone, sending emails and helping some of the recruiters with desk work and research.

5. Did the scope of your work change as the internship progressed?

As I began to gain confidence with the core responsibilities of my internship, my work and mindset changed a lot and my confidence soared. I started to get involved with many live projects and I also got a lot more involved with the recruitment process. From shadowing the recruitment consultants during my training, I was able to see fully how the recruitment cycle worked.

6. Can you describe a typical day in your role with Matrix Recruitment?

Recruitment is such a fast-paced industry, so every day and every week is different, which I loved. The typical structure of my day started at 9.30 am. First thing I did every day, was go through my emails, replying to candidates and completing work with the recruiters. After lunch, I normally went straight into my project work, which was my favourite time of day.

7. What key things have you learned during this internship?

The main thing, and one of my main objectives of my internship, was to learn more about the recruitment process. By the end of my internship with Matrix Recruitment, I feel I have achieved this objective through the many projects I was involved in. I also got to participate in each step of the recruitment process, which allowed me to learn about each aspect individually and thoroughly. I also learned the importance of organisation and time management in the workplace. I was never a very organised person before I started my internship. I learned about planning out my days and organising my time efficiently, in order to fit in the work that needed to be done.

8. Do you feel more prepared for working life following your internship?

I definitely feel more prepared for working life after my internship. The extensive experience I gained throughout my internship with Matrix Recruitment, will certainly give me an advantage when applying for jobs in the future.

9. Is there anything you learned during your internship you feel should be covered in your course?

I think my course should cover the basic steps of recruitment in more detail. Before starting my internship, I only had basic knowledge of the recruitment process and Human Resources practises. I feel if this was covered in my course, I would have been more prepared for my internship. In saying this though, the purpose of an internship is to learn, and I feel I have learned so much throughout the 6 months with Matrix.

10. Why should someone take up an internship in the recruitment industry?

If you like a fast-paced, exciting environment that is different every day, then the recruitment industry could be for you. I learned so much during my 6-month internship with Matrix. I have developed skills and competencies that I will take with me throughout my working life. The people I worked with were all so welcoming, kind and helpful. I think that anyone who enjoys meeting and talking to new people every day would very much enjoy and thrive in the recruitment industry.

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