Our Consultants share some top tips on what not to say at an interview.


Do NOT show me the money

This is a tough one because it really depends on the client. But one topic to always stay away from is asking about the package on offer. This is a definite no go area in the first meeting with any company. It sends the wrong signal out on many fronts and gives the impression that you feel as if you are a definite for the role and this over confidence will not go down well. It also would show that you are not driven by the role or the opportunity. You have one motivation……….Money money money!!!!

show me the money

Why do you want this job?

One question that candidates can fall down on quite frequently is “Why do you want this job?”. “I want a permanent job” or “I want a new challenge” are not going to cut it from an interviewer’s perspective – it gives the impression you have no real interest in working for their company! This is a pivotal point in the interview and it is key that you take this chance to really sell yourself. If you have done your research this should be easy – talk about the company; a new product they’ve just launched or an interesting CSR initiative they run. Be passionate about what attracts you to the job and what you can bring to the team. What is it that makes you different and a cut above the rest? So spend the time crafting the perfect answer, it will be worth it in the end!

Bad mouth former colleagues

Over the years I have interviewed numerous candidates and  some  of them have  made the mistake of bad mouthing  their boss/employer or former colleagues  to me, this  is a big no no.  Please don’t do this, you come across as bitter, hard to work with and gives off a bad impression of you as a potential employee. Nobody wants to hire someone that will give out about them behind their back and remember Ireland is a small country and people in the same profession talk to each other.

Also another thing candidates make the mistake of saying when asked this question of “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and the candidate mentions “I would like to be in your position”. This comes across as cocky, there are ways of coming across confident but not with this answer. Remember an interview is about making a good impression.


It’s also a great chance to really sell yourself and why the company need to hire you! But sadly some job hunters speak before they think!!

What does your company do? Never go into an interview knowing next to nothing-research the company. You want to show enthusiasm and show that you are excited about the company and that you have thought about where you can fit in.

Don’t say ‘no’ when asked ‘Have you any questions’?!

This is a unique opportunity to both ask some questions AND it is also letting the employer know you are interested. You perhaps have done research on the company and most of all you have come prepared – prepared to impress and succeed!!

Questions such as:

‘What are the future plans for the Company’?

‘Is there opportunity for career progression’?

‘What is priority in the role at the moment?

‘How would my on boarding/training into the role be structured?

All of the above gives the interviewer a clear view that you are focussed, ambitious, and interested…

And most importantly you have done your research and have come prepared!

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