Kim Mooney, based in our Athlone office, joined Matrix for 6 months as part of her college work placement in 2018. During this time Kim flourished and management were keen to hire her back on a permanent basis as soon as she graduated from her Bachelors Degree in Business from Athlone Institute of Technology. Kim rejoined Matrix as a Recruitment Consultant in 2019, hit the ground running and is now successfully looking after HR, Office Support, IT and Sales for our Athlone office. Read through Kim's account of her first year as a Recruitment Consultant below!

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I joined Matrix Recruitment for the first time back in 2018 to undergo work placement as part of my college degree. The time I spent with Matrix was very successful which led me to the position I am now – A Recruitment Consultant. In 2019, I rejoined Matrix as a gradudate after finishing 4 long, tough years in college whilst studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

0-4 months – A Graduate Learning the Ropes

When joining Matrix again as a permanent employee I was facing into the unknown, recruitment is a very demanding and diverse job. You must be on the ball all the time and you always one step ahead. During my first few months in recruitment, I had to find my feet again. Although I had not been there for a year, I felt like I never left. It took me only a few days to get back into the swing of things.

When I rejoined the company my job title was a Recruitment Resourcer/Graduate. I filled my first few positions as a Resourcer and with much hard work and effort, I was promoted to a Recruitment Consultant within a few months.

My first few months in recruitment, I went through a lot of ups. Recruitment is an exciting job with constant contact with new people, marketing, building network, and relationships, but there are days when nothing goes to plan, and you feel like it’s not going to get better. I will not sugar coat it and say it’s all rosy in the garden because recruitment certainly is not!

4-12 months – A Graduate Finding Their Feet in Recruitment

These months were a learning curve for me. I placed a lot of candidates within the first few months of being promoted to a Consultant which was a great achievement for me. In these first few months, my resilience was tested to its limit as someone only new to the industry. I know now that resilience is one of the key traits needed to be a successful Recruitment Consultant.

From March of this year onwards, I experienced what working from home was like due to Covid-19. I was excited and nervous to try this for the first time. I found it quite difficult to adapt to it and I can honestly say I am really looking forward to going back into an office environment again. I enjoy the social side of my job, chatting with my colleagues and interacting with new candidates & clients.

Recruitment overall in my eyes is enjoyable, tough, rewarding, challenging, engaging, exciting and fast-paced. I enjoy the good days immensely and then the bad days are when I learn a lot. I have been given advice from a lot of consultants over the years and I owe a lot to my manager (Breda Dooley) and my two former colleagues Áine Clehane & Michéal Curley. They steered me in the right direction, giving me advice when needed, pushed me to my limits and helped me get to where I am today.

Whilst I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn, I am really pleased with the start I have made, and with a plan in place, I am looking forward to what comes next in my recruitment career. I would love if you would connect with me on LinkedIn or click this link to view the open jobs I am currently working:


Kim graduate

“Be open to whatever comes next”

If you are a graduate looking at recruitment as a career option for you, please get in touch with us today, we would love to hear from you!