Matrix Recruitment Group were proud to sponsor the event organised by the Midlands CIPD “Bringing a Scientific Approach to Recruiting and Leading People.” which took place on 16th of October 2018 at 6pm in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone. This event was delivered by Daire Lynam, Managing Director of Thomas International (Ireland) Management Systems. Here's how it went!

Matrix Recruitment Group recently hosted a very successful event with the Midlands CIPD Committee on “Bringing a Scientific Approach to Recruiting and  Leading People”.

Breda Dooley, Regional Branch Manager of our Athlone office, spoke about how Matrix is celebrating  20 years in business this year and how so much has changed since it was set-up.

Matrix have evolved as a company new services such as payroll support, HR services, along with admin support for recruitment campaigns with public sector bodies.

Breda mentioned that the typical accountant will probably be non-existing in some companies in a few years times and it will be replaced by data analytics! Click here to see jobs that existed 20 years ago that don’t exist today.

Daire Lynam from Thomas International gave an excellent and engaging presentation, contributing to the great energy in the room.  He went through the importance of assessment when hiring but not to let it pigeonhole people which it can. He spoke about the importance of intelligence,  personality, talent, and potential in hiring staff and how you need a mix to drive a successful business.

Daire talked the group through a very interesting survey which showed how there is very little difference between CEO Males and Females traits on resilience, ambiguity, curiosity, competitive, risk, and conscientious.

Overall, we were proud to sponsor this excellent event organised by Midlands CIPD and we’ll look forward to more events like this in the future!

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