Working for an SME

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) are defined as those with up to 100 employees, account for 70 percent of the economy’s total private sector employment and are the backbone of the Irish economy.


Why choose a career in an SME company?

  • The approach is more hands-on in an SME organisation, giving you more exposure allowing you to gain a variety of skills across several business functions.
  • Employees generally have more opportunities to develop their skills in a broad range of responsibilities which might not be available in bigger companies or multinationals.
  • There’s often not as much emphasis put on hierarchy, which can create an open work environment. Employees are generally encouraged to interact frequently with senior management or are often reporting to the Owner/Manager.
  • There is often better communication networks between you and management which can help you to get your work done and receive recognition for it.
  • Hard work in an SME company will not go unnoticed, and may allow you to climb the ladder faster.
  • The smaller workforce means that the culture is more personable and is often more informal and friendly. Everybody generally knows everybody else and there are less office politics involved.
  • Employees generally receive hands-on experience in many areas of the business and are treated as valuable team members. Managers offer employees excellent training opportunities and chances to really get their ideas heard.

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Is now a good time?

John: I would like to know the difference between working in an SME and a Multinational.

Matrix: Of course, let us take you through the differences and advise you on which might best suit your needs at the moment.