Candidate Recruitment Process

  • 0 Recruitment Process

    Our recruitment process

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 1 New Role

    We receive a new role from one of our clients.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 2 Advertisement

    As well as searching our candidate database and LinkedIn, we advertise the new role on our website and on relevant job boards.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 3 Initial Contact

    If you apply for the job or are registered with us, and we feel you could be a good match for the role, we will contact you to discuss the position, your CV and salary expectations.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 4 Forward CV

    After this discussion, if we’re both happy to proceed with the application, we will send your CV to the client (please note we will never forward your CV without your permission).

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 5 Acknowledgement

    If you apply but are not quite right for this job, we will acknowledge your application and with your permission will keep your CV on file for future opportunities.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 6 Interview Prep

    If the employer wants to interview you, we will meet you beforehand or arrange a telephone call to prepare you fully.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 7 Initial Feedback

    If the employer does not want to interview you, we will contact you with feedback and keep your CV on file for other opportunities.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 8 Feedbacck

    Following your interview with the employer, we will contact you with feedback, be it positive or negative.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 9 Further Prep

    If the employer wishes to arrange a second interview, we will brief you again beforehand, and provide additional preparation tips, if required.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 10 References

    If the interview process is successful, we will contact you with a request for references and pass these onto the employer.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 11 Offer

    If you are the successful candidate, we will contact you with a proposed offer from the employer and negotiate on your behalf, if necessary.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 12 Other Options

    If you are an unsuccessful candidate, we will contact you with full feedback from the employer and keep your CV on file for other opportunities.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 13 Contract

    If you receive an offer and are happy to accept, we will forward you the contract or ask the employer to send it to you directly.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process
  • 14 Follow Up

    Once you have started your new role, we will contact you within a couple of weeks to discuss how you are settling into the job.

    Matrix Employers Recruitment Process

At Matrix Recruitment Group, we understand the job search process can at times be a complicated and frustrating experience. Poor communication, unclear timelines and a general lack of feedback can often result in dissatisfaction amongst jobseekers.

We like to think we work a little differently at Matrix Recruitment Group. We pride ourselves on keeping our candidates up to date at every stage of the process, from the moment you submit your CV to your first day at your new job.

As follows is a visual snapshot of what you can expect when you avail of our services. While hiring processes can vary, there is a general pattern when it comes to recruitment, which we’ve captured in the infographic above; we hope it makes things a little clearer.

Already involved in another application? That’s no problem, just let us know.

You may be involved in another job application and feel reluctant to tell us for fear it might hinder your chances of getting the job for which you’re applying for through us. Please be assured there is nothing to worry about and we would appreciate your honesty.

If anything, it might increase your chance of getting the job through us. If you tell us you’re involved in another job application, we can flag it with our client and try to speed up the process for you. So don’t worry, we’re here to help and will do our best to support you.