Sales & Marketing

Sector Overview

In 2020 we have witnessed a complete restructuring of sales and marketing departments to adjust to the new COVID-19 realities. With all the hardships associated with international lockdowns, consumers have become warier of their spending, having to review their purchasing decisions. In turn, sales and marketing professionals have had to react and offer more flexible and digital solutions to promote sales.

Markets have become ever more crowded and competitive therefore a key skill and requirement in the year ahead will be creativity. Sales and marketing professionals need to think outside of the box to get their product or service seen by the masses. A continued shift to digital and eCommerce strategies will mean professionals must continue to upskill and be open to change and restructuring.

Requirements in this industry predicted for 2021 include professionals from graduate level up to senior level, both on contract and permanent basis. Candidates will need to be resilient and bring new ideas to the table especially in SME organisations where a move to digital business strategies will be completely new and in some cases, risky and costly.