Human Resources

Sector Overview

As unemployment rates fall to record lows, it is no surprise to hear that the number of Human Resources jobs is set to grow in 2020. Finding the right fit for each client is critical, especially when it comes to Human Resource recruitment. Our Recruitment Consultants work closely with qualified and experienced HR professionals to understand what sector and type of company they really feel excited to work with.

As with other sectors, many HR roles in 2019 were on a contract basis which was predominantly down to the uncertainty of Brexit. Undoubtedly, 2019 resulted in a year where companies decided to defer some recruitment due to this unknown, it has resulted in the need for reviewing possible restructuring within companies.

Now in 2020, a strong focus remains on retaining talent, it is more important than ever to have the right HR team in place to ensure business growth through retention of talent. Further growth in this sector will result in opportunities from HR Administration right up to HR Director level.