Financial Services

Sector Overview

Overall, 2019 was a year in which we experienced growth across many areas including financial and regulatory reporting, business/restructuring change and compliance and we expect to see continued growth in these areas in 2020. In Ireland, we have seen growth in the South-East of Ireland with organisations continuing to explore the option of growing their operations outside of Dublin.

Increasing regulations continue to be a challenge for the financial services industry which will increase demand for risk and compliance for 2020. As we face another competitive year for talent, employers must look to ensuring attractive compensation packages. Flexible and remote working is very highly sought after by workers and although there has been a move towards this, organisations need to increase this benefit to retain a competitive status. Organisations also need to move through their recruitment and selection process without delay to secure top talent.

Our Financial Services Recruitment Consultant, Rena Weld holds a BA in International Business and holds a number of recruitment qualifications including a Yellow Belt in Lean 6 Sigma, a Black belt in Internet Recruitment and is also a LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter. With a strong background in recruiting in the financial services sector, Rena Weld heads up our financial services recruitment team. Her knowledge of the market means we know exactly what employers need when recruiting financial services professionals.