Sector Overview

The attraction for multinational companies to relocate to Ireland, in turn, means the demand for highly skilled accountancy professionals will continue into 2020 and beyond. We have seen throughout 2019, and will continue to see in 2020, a demand for qualified and experienced accountants and financial reporting professionals across the country.

Throughout 2019, we saw a trend in an increase in contract positions becoming available in organisations, rather than permanent roles. As there is still uncertainty in the market especially around Brexit, we will continue to see the presence of fixed-term and temporary contracts in the market.

Accounting professionals tend not to move positions if there is any movement or doubt in the economic landscape. We also see a huge difference in salary expectations and offerings from Dublin to the rest of the country.

The “typical” accountant, who has always been part of the Finance team, has begun to phase out within organisations. Clients are now looking for their accountants to be part of the overall operations team instead.