Job Categories

We work across many different job categories, including Accountancy, Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality & Laboratory, Supply Chain, Public Sector, Human Resources, Office Support, IT, and Sales & Marketing. Below you will find a description of each category. Please contact us for more details on vacancies and recruitment in these sectors.

  • Accountancy

    The attraction for multinational companies to relocate to Ireland, in turn, means the demand for highly skilled accountancy professionals will continue into 2021 and beyond.

    Jobs in Accountancy

  • Public Sector

    Working within the Public Sector offers you the unique opportunity to deliver crucial services to the Irish public and to assist with the vital services that influence and shape Irish society.

    Jobs in Public Sector

  • Work with Matrix

    Join our team today! Let your career thrive with Matrix Recruitment. We like people who's values are in line with ours: passion, respect, customer focus, positivity, collaboration and innovation so that we can build a long-lasting recruitment consultancy.

    Jobs in Work with Matrix

  • Financial Services

    As we enter 2021, banks, credit unions and other financial organisations must rethink the definition of 'digital banking,' with the application of data analytics, technology, innovation and people that will transform customer experiences.

    Jobs in Financial Services

  • Engineering

    The growing emphasis on automating processes and embracing Lean Manufacturing means that Engineers with the right skills, experience, and qualifications are in high demand in the market at present.

    Jobs in Engineering

  • Manufacturing

    With all 10 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies now based in Ireland, they are all competing intensely for highly experienced and skilled staff. As such, salaries and benefits on offer will reflect this as employers race to find and keep high calibre employees.

    Jobs in Manufacturing

  • Quality & Laboratory

    COVID-19 has affected and will continue to affect, the Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland in a number of ways throughout 2021. One such change will be encouraging more collaboration between organisations for the greater good.

    Jobs in Quality & Laboratory

  • Supply Chain

    With a current skills gap being faced by the industry, management and business leaders need to drive change through effective leadership, increased employee engagement and hands-on solutions to employee retention.

    Jobs in Supply Chain

  • Human Resources

    Now in 2021, a strong focus remains on retaining talent and it is more important than ever to have the right HR team in place to ensure business growth through the retention of talent. Further growth in this sector will result in opportunities from HR Administration right up to HR Director level.

    Jobs in Human Resources

  • IT

    The pace of change in the IT landscape is only looking to accelerate as we continue into 2021. Some of the transformational trends to expect this year are cloud computing, hyper-convergence, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

    Jobs in IT

  • Sales & Marketing

    Markets have become ever more crowded and competitive therefore a key skill and requirement in the year ahead will be creativity. Sales and marketing professionals need to think outside of the box to get their product or service seen by the masses.

    Jobs in Sales & Marketing

  • Office Support

    The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increased need for highly skilled and organised receptionists and administration staff to meet the intensified demand for appointments from a medical perspective.

    Jobs in Office Support