Job Categories

We work across nine different job categories, including Accountancy, Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality & Laboratory, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Office Support & IT, and Sales & Marketing. Below you will find a description of each category. Please contact us for more details on vacancies and recruitment in these sectors.

  • Accountancy

    As more multinationals locate in Ireland and small and medium sized accountancy practices continue to experience growth, demand for highly skilled accountancy professionals is set to remain high for 2018 and beyond.

    Jobs in Accountancy

  • Financial Services

    With the Irish government planning to create over 10K jobs following the announcement of IFS2020, a new strategy for Ireland’s Financial Services sector, there is no doubt that a career in financial services is a very attractive option for jobseekers nationwide.

    Jobs in Financial Services

  • Engineering

    The growing emphasis and focus on automating processes and embracing lean manufacturing means that engineers with the right skills, experience and qualifications are in high demand in the Irish jobs market at present.

    Jobs in Engineering

  • Manufacturing

    With billions currently being invested in Irish Pharma, as well as food and drinks exports reaching record highs, it is definitely a good time to pursue a career in the Manufacturing sector.

    Jobs in Manufacturing

  • Quality & Laboratory

    With the amount of new jobs in Science, Pharmaceutical & Food set to continue in 2016, a career in the Quality & Laboratory sector represents a great opportunity for those with the right skills and qualifications.

    Jobs in Quality & Laboratory

  • Supply Chain

    With the number of jobs advertised in Logistics and Supply Chain increasing by over 40% in 2015, this is definitely a good time to be pursuing a career in this vibrant and growing sector.

    Jobs in Supply Chain

  • Human Resources

    As the Irish economy grows and unemployment rates fall to record lows, it is no surprise to hear that the amount of HR jobs is set to grow in 2018, presenting many opportunities for both recent graduates and those already working in the sector.

    Jobs in Human Resources

  • Office Support & IT

    As the EU’s fastest growing economy there is a continued demand for multi-skilled Office Administrators as well as IT professionals to work with Ireland’s ever growing list of startups, SMEs and well established multinationals.

    Jobs in Office Support & IT

  • Sales & Marketing

    As the Irish economy recovers, we have seen an increase in demand for sales and marketing professionals, a growing emphasis on digital skills within the marketing sector and a continued need for highly skilled and experienced sales professionals.

    Jobs in Sales & Marketing