Our Candidate Charter

Our Candidate Charter

At Matrix Recruitment, we are committed in being upfront and transparent in all communications with our candidates. We work to the highest ethical standards and are dedicated to giving you a professional and personal recruitment experience, every time. At Matrix Recruitment, we specialise in you.

Our commitment to our candidates:

  • To contact you as soon as we have a relevant vacancy
  • To present the role to you detailing the skills/qualities required
  • To always get your GDPR consent prior to submitting your details to a client
  • To build a professional relationship based on mutual trust and honesty
  • To work with you to understand your experience and skills and to look for the organisation that best matches your expectations and career aspirations
  • We will only put you forward for the right job for your career path
  • To represent you in a positive, professional and proactive manner
  • We will personally recommend you when we submit your CV, answering any questions the client may ask us
  • To provide you with additional information (not always available on a jobs board) such as organisation structure, company performance, company history, key players, organisational culture and salary guidelines
  • To offer you the best career advice, CV presentation and interview tips
  • To obtain and retain all information received with confidentiality and care
  • To provide feedback at each stage of the recruitment process
  • To provide you with a thorough briefing in advance of attending a client interview

What we ask of you in return:

  • To provide honest and accurate information at all times
  • To honour any commitment made to attend an appointment with us or a client company
  • To provide as much notice as possible should you be unable to attend any arranged appointment
  • To treat information shared in a confidential manner
  • To afford us and our clients the same level of professionalism and respect that we strive to give you
  • To inform us and keep us updated if you are involved in any other job application process.

Is now a good time?

Matrix: Hi John, a really exciting opportunity has just come up that might be of interest of you. Is now a good time to call?

John: Yes, I’m free now if you want to call me.