What to include in the profile summary of your CV is a question we are often asked here at Matrix Recruitment. It is the first thing a potential employer sees, so it is important to really sell yourself.  It is a great opportunity to highlight your career objectives, relevant experience, education and qualifications and any personal attributes that your next employer will value. Here are a few tips from our team on what to include and what not to include in the profile summary of your CV.
Tailor Your Summary for the Job You’re Applying For.

The one piece of advice I would have on this would be to always tailor your summary profile. I have seen numerous examples of candidates correctly amending the skills and work experience sections of their CV based on the role they are applying for but leaving in a generic statement about themselves.

Before applying for the job you are interested in take a look at the job spec, the skills required and highlight how you have showed these skills. Do not have a generic intro because not every role will look for the same skills. Stand out, speak the company’s language and tick those boxes!Cathal Ryan

Cathal Ryan, Technical Recruitment Consultant, South East

Avoid The Cliches. Be Relevant and Stand Out.

I find that candidates more often than not include a clichéd-filled paragraph emphasising how “hardworking” and “motivated” they are which, rather than adding any value to the CV simply takes up valuable space.

It is important to remember that the main aim of a CV is to get you an interview and you can achieve this in two ways; namely by being relevant and by standing out from the crowd.

Therefore your profile should not be a litany of adjectives that could apply to almost anyone but rather a succinct summary of how you are suitable for the job in question. The role requires a Process Engineer with biopharmaceutical experience? Then stating that you hold an Honours Degree in Process and Chemical Engineering and have 5 years biopharmaceutical experience will immediate garner the hiring manager’s attention.

You should also tweak your profile depending on the role you are applying for.  I learned this lesson quickly as a rookie recruiter when a candidate had emphasised their pharma experience in their profile when applying for a role in the food industry. They were deemed unsuitable as the hiring manager felt that their real interest was the pharma sector when in fact this was not the case.Joanne Foley

Joanne Foley, Regional Recruitment Manager, Dublin

Highlight Your Experience.

When writing your profile you should start with the amount of relevant experience you hold in a particular position. E.g. “A CIPD qualified HR Manager with 5 years’ experience…” This will instantly get the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter reviewing your CV. From this you should go on to mention the industry or area you specialise in, the skills you’ve gained and any professional achievements.

Remember that this is a summary so try to keep it short and sweet, and relevant to position you are applying.Conor McNiff

Conor McNiff, Recruitment Consultant, Midlands & West