Sarah Meagher from our Financial Services recruitment team gives her advice this Valentines Day on how to aim high, believe in yourself and do it for the love of the job!

Did you ever wonder what makes you get out of the bed each morning at the crack of dawn or go into work at night to start a long dreary nightshift.  It’s true we all whinge and complain about our job but yet when that alarm goes off we stretch out and yawn and shake ourselves off.  With a world full of different personalities and perspectives isn’t it amazing that we all conform to the same daily ritual of making the journey to work.  For some this journey can be short, for others they travel up to 2-3 hours a day. So what is it…why do we ‘love’ our jobs. Listening to people on a bus or in a pub you hear a lot of complaints about being under appreciated and stressed out. ‘Not enough staff’ is a popular statement.  The feeling that others are getting more appreciation or extra perks is also high on the list of woes.  In any one office there are a multitude of different personalities and attitudes, so naturally there can be some clashes.  Therefore time is spent ‘being nice’ and making an effort to get along with colleagues.  In a similar way that you fight with your siblings when you were younger the same applies in a work environment.  But yet we forgive, accept each other and understand each other.  This all sounds like a lot of work and energy, so why…

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If you think back to any one day in work in the last week you will be able to think of at least one example of when you felt like you achieved something.  It doesn’t have to be something big.  Achieving a target gives you a feel good factor which further motivates you to accomplish more. With achievement comes reward, be it a financial reward or a simple ‘well done’. Knowing that you worked hard to achieve something to earn your salary, while we don’t consciously think this, also has an impact on your sense of achievement. Everyone has ambitions and this desire to do and achieve for some is aimed at sports or music or theatre but for others it’s the drive to succeed in the workplace.  The best part of our ambition is being enabled to achieve these.  The workplace offers structure, training, mentors and a place for you to showcase your skills and dabble in new skills. It is important that there is a balance for you in your job, there will be failures and frustrations.  It’s the small achievements that make your job special to you. Aim high, believe in yourself.  Do it for the love of the job.

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