If you’re entering the world of work or thinking about changing your profession, you may wonder if experience is more important than education, or the other way around. Check out our recent Education Vs. Experience survey results below to find out.

Infographic: When asked about securing their current job, the findings of our recent survey point to a combination of both education and experience as the clear winner.

41% of respondents rank their education alongside their experience as the reason for landing their current job. 46% said that work experience alone was the critical factor in securing their role. This is an interesting finding as it shows the importance companies place on experience. In many cases it is viewed to be just as important, if not more important than the candidate’s qualification. Just 13% of respondents felt that their education alone was instrumental in them landing their current job.

Another unexpected finding was that more than half (54%) of respondents claimed that they would like to return to college to pursue another career. While the findings are not conclusive as to why they would like to return to college, reasons offered were wanting to try something new and revising career goals. This shows how the world of work has changed considerably over the past number of years. No longer is it about the secure, permanent and pensionable job. Younger generations are much more willing to explore new options, change the course of their career more than once and try new things – even if they don’t work out.

In conclusion, we are seeing that less emphasis is being placed on education alone, with more credence being put on an individual’s work experience. This obviously varies across the professional world where a qualification is a minimum requirement in sectors such as engineering, medicine, law and accountancy.

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