Is your work Christmas party coming up? Are you having mixed feelings about it? Here are some of Aishling's tips to help you survive the night!

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Work Christmas Party…

It’s that time of year again, the cold sets in, the decorations are up, there’s a constant rush – it can only mean one thing – CHRISTMAS!

And with that comes the Work Christmas Party. Some people will love it, some people will dread it. Here’s a guide to keep in mind no matter which of the two you are.

The Do’s…

Mingle:  Make sure to talk to people – but PLEASE talk about something other than work! It doesn’t matter if Mary in accounts laughs like a donkey – don’t choose tonight to talk about it. Discussing any office gripes is a serious no-no. Instead, enjoy the social setting and get to know your colleagues better.

Don’t be a billy-no-mates …

Asian business man wearing party hat - Christmas Party


Pace Yourself: Take it handy on the drink (at the start of the night anyway…). Try not to make a fool of yourself – just think of the fear that will ensue Monday morning back in the office! Save the sambucas and jagerbombs for when management is gone home, then maybe let loose!

Bulletin board photos of work party with guy dressed up as Santa that is really drunk - Christmas Party


Eat: Be sure to eat all the free food that’s given to you – you deserve it! Don’t hold back! Soakage is a must.

Picture showing group friends eating at Christmas Party


And the most important “do” is DO SHOW UP!


The Dont’s…

Overdo the clothes: We are all for a bit of fun and Christmas cheer – a Christmas Jumper, a Santa hat, fun earrings – maybe avoid the full body Santa suit or the Christmas tree onesie…

drunken santa claus sleeping at bathroom with beer bottle in hand - Christmas Party


Spend the night on your phone: Being stuck in your phone comes across rude – you don’t want that label! Also, taking drunken pictures and videos of your colleagues to put online is never a good idea – they won’t thank you for it, so don’t!

Group of friends having fun for new year's eve in a club. Drinking and dancing together - Christmas Party


Call in sick: Do not under any circumstances call in sick to work the next day! Regardless of if your head feels like it’s going to explode, or you are on the verge of losing a limb – get up and go in!

Most importantly, for the love of god, DON’T be the office creep…

A guy at the office party holding authentic mistletoe (not holly) over his head and puckering up for a kiss - Christmas Party

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