It’s Day 3 and the Galway Races are certainly in full swing. Like on the horse track, the trick to winning in the jobs race is not getting caught at the common hurdles. Job interviews can be stressful and you may face a question that you’re not prepared for, but don’t fall flat - The Matrix Tipster is here to guide you!

Don’t Fall at the Common Hurdles of the Job Interview

Standard Questions

To get first place you shouldn’t aim to just get through each question, use every opportunity to showcase yourself and what you have to offer. Here are some of the most common job interview questions galloping ahead of the pack:

  • ‘What is your biggest weakness?
    The key to answering this question is to choose an area you can improve on, like a specific technical skill. Showing you want to gain experience in this field puts a positive twist on a negative question. (Don’t say your biggest weakness is being a perfectionist!)
  • ‘Why are you looking to move?’
    Be honest and open when stating your motives, but be sure not to bad mouth your previous employer! Focus on being positive about the new opportunity, as opposed to negative about the old one.
  • ‘Tell me about yourself’
    Focus on your key strengths and experiences that highlight what you can bring to the role. You should include any particular interesting achievements that make you stand out, but try avoid waffling or getting into your personal life story.
  • ‘Do you have any questions?’
    This is often asked at the end of the interview so be sure to have some questions readily prepared. Here are some examples

                    ‘What challenges can I expect in the first 3 months?’

                    ‘What will my day-to-day look like?’

                    ‘How many people will I be working with on the team?’

Asking these sort of questions not only shows that you are interested in the job, it also makes the interviewee picture you in the position.

Job Interview Preparation

Being prepared for theses common questions will take much of the stress out of the job interview.

At Matrix Recruitment Group, we fully prep all of our candidates by giving interview advice, sharing important information on the company and interviewer, and by conducting the all-important mock interview.  Call your local office today for more info:

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