Make sure you have a stand-out CV and watch out for these common CV mistakes; Rena, Cathal, Breda and Joanne from our recruitment team share some of the most common errors we encounter.



My pet peeve CV mistake is the misspelling of the word ‘bachelor’ when people are talking about their ‘bachelor’s degree’. I have seen numerous cases where people add in the letter ‘t’, claiming they have a ‘batchelor’s degree’. It’s hugely important to highlight your educational background on your CV but it’s also important to ensure everything is spelled correctly. You’d be surprised how many people are guilty of this and every time I read it I instantly think about a tin of Batchelors Baked Beans! Spellcheck is important, make sure you use it!



The most common mistake I would see on CVs would be candidates not highlighting their relevant experience needed for a specific role. There have been numerous examples where candidates possess the necessary skills or experience needed for the role but have failed to include these on their CV. As a recruitment consultant I always take the time in learning more about my candidates and in many cases it is only after speaking with them over the phone or in person and delving into their background that you realise that they have the required experience for the role they are interested in. The CV should be seen as a constantly evolving document that caters for the requirements of the role and company in question. Failure to include relevant skills and experience can result in many candidates failing to secure that all-important first round interview due to their CV appearing too generic.

So as the US Marines say….. “Adapt and Overcome”.



As a Senior Recruiter, it frustrates me so much when I see gaps in employment in CVs.  Candidates think it’s ok to leave out a role that they worked in for 5 years because it’s not relevant to what they are looking for now. Why do this? Your CV must tell a story.

Also misplaced commas, are irritating,

Imagine seeing a sentence like the above on a CV. Don’t use unnecessary commas!  It’s also generally a bad idea to use capitals to emphasise words in your resume, as it can look juvenile or just obnoxious. Rely on clear and effective wording to get a strong message across without having to resort to SHOUTING!



A common mistake on CVs is including information which is not relevant and besides taking up valuable space, it could also lead to a potential employer jumping to conclusions about you. Take for example listing online poker as an interest. You may feel that this will conjure up images of someone with good mental arithmetic ability, strong risk management skills and an ability to read situations. However, to a potential employer it may give an impression of all night gambling sustained by drinking energy drinks, arriving into work next day bleary eyed and tempted to log on during working hours to win back your losses from the night before. So unless the information is relevant to the role you are applying for, leave it out.

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