Last week Wednesday 18th September, Áine Clehane and Kim Mooney (both based in our Athlone office) attended the launch of the CIPD Western Region with a presentation from Enda Daly of EY regarding Talent Management & EY’s journey. The event was highly informative with an engaging panel discussion along with details of the HR Awards for 2020.

Here Áine gives us the rundown of the event:

CIPD Event – Talent Management – The Secrets to Success at EY

CIPD West Event

At this CIPD event, Enda Daly of EY, explained how the team at EY evaluated their talent management process & implemented a new strategy from 2016 to 2018 focusing on building their employer brand and improving the candidate experience. EY’s innovative approach to talent management is proving successful and the stats certainly echo this sentiment. For example, applications for experienced hires increased +31% / Offers +36% / Acceptances +12% (superb results especially in today’s market… well done to the team at EY).

Of course, challenges would be expected but ensuring to get buy-in from relevant stakeholders is important as well as noting that small changes can make a big difference.

Ok so, you may be thinking “Hold-on… I am not working for a global organisation like EY, where would I find the funding? Do I really need to focus on employer branding & candidate experience?”

From my experience working with MNC’s & SME’s, which was reiterated during EY’s presentation, small organisations CERTAINLY need to concentrate on employer branding & the candidate experience. It’s great to have a big budget but information is power, getting buy-in from your line managers & staff, utilising the social media channels & community groups available can make a big difference in achieving super results, with little cost.

The panel discussion at the event was excellent. All panel members provided great insight and advice. The panel members certainly drove home the significance of the candidate experience. Every company should aspire to be one that their employees recommend to family & friends. As recruiters, we endeavour to outline why a person should want to join one of our outstanding client companies. Then on the other hand, of course, why our clients would be lucky to have one of the exceptional candidates we work with to join their team!

From our experience in the current market, the interview process is no longer just about a client assessing a candidate. The candidate is interviewing the client too. It’s a candidate market now & we can’t forget that!

After such a successful opening CIPD event for the West of Ireland, we highly recommend attending the CIPD events available in your area in the upcoming months. Thank you to the Western CIPD committee for a great event to launch the 2019/2020 CIPD calendar. We can’t wait for the Midlands CIPD kick-off very soon as Áine has recently joined the Midlands CIPD committee.

Just goes to show what a good experience can have as Áine & Kim are already recommending the CIPD events to colleagues, clients & candidates!