Have you ever thought of Insurance as a career but you feel you don't know much about it? We are here to help. Sarah Meagher, our Insurance Recruitment Consultant, gives her thoughts on the advantages of choosing Insurance as a career in this blog post.

Advantages of Working in Insurance:

Always on the up

Industries have lifespans, they peak and they fall usually in line with the economy.  However, in the boom or the crash, Insurance industry remains stable.  Working in Insurance can be quite exciting and not as mundane as you would expect!

Variety of Careers

Working in large multinational companies offer you larger career paths, more variety and access to more systems, experiences and progression.  Working in smaller firms, brokerages or life companies offer you the opportunity to specialise in a field of insurance giving you end to end experience of a product.  The salary range in the insurance industry is vast with starting salaries ranging from €21,000 to unlimited potential depending on the career or educational path you choose to take.

Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, the other way concept for lost, confusion or decisions representing Insurance Career Choices

Different styles of work

Depending on your preferred working style there are roles for you in insurance.  Insurance is not just a client-facing sector there are also many back-office roles across various sectors and specialities. With industries becoming more reliant on technology this is creating a demand for IT experts, IT develops and IT support staff within the industry.  Automation and being one step ahead of the competitor is hugely important in today’s marketplace.


Working in the Insurance industry also promotes travel, with insurance qualifications and experience being transferable across the seas.

travel background, woman tourist walking with suitcase on the street in European city, tourism in Europe representing the travel available to people who choose insurance as a career

Potential to climb your career ladder

Each role within Insurance is just a stepping stone to the next as you build your knowledge and experience of the product, market, systems and competition.


There are many career paths within Insurance, many qualifications to explore.  APA, QFA, RPA, PTP, BFS, CUG to name a few. The Insurance Institute and the Lia websites have excellent links to career path maps.

Group Of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation representing the different qualifications one can achieve in Insurance.

Explore different areas

There are a vast number of areas to explore depending on your interests, skills, past education: Asset Management, Compliance/Regulation, Credit Unions, Debt Management, Financial Services advice, Insurance – Life, Non-Life, General, Commercial, Personal Lines, Loans, Retirement & Pensions, Mortgages, Savings & Investments to name a few.

Here at Matrix Recruitment we would like to help you explore these possibilities.

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