With Cheltenham kicking off tomorrow, we’re bringing you our very own tips from the Matrix Tipster (with a difference)!!

If you are going to Cheltenham, you should be prepared for all weather possibilities. With the wet and cold weather forecasted for this week, you will definitely need your rain gear and winter thermals!

Similar to checking the weather forecast for a big event and making sure you are prepared for it, you should also thoroughly prepare if you planning to start job hunting. Sit down, grab a cup of tea or coffee, a notebook, pens and highlighters and make a comprehensive plan of how you are going to conduct your job search. Don’t forget to set a timeline too. When would you like to realistically start your new job?

Today’s Tip: Be Prepared!

Job Hunting Preparation Tips

  1. Have a recent CV completed and ready to send – you never know when you’ll hear about the right opportunity for you. Have the CV saved to your phone or online cloud storage, so you can apply anytime. You could be in line waiting for your morning coffee, browsing open vacancies online whilst you wait, and the perfect role could be there in front of you!
  2. Put your mobile number on your CV and be prepared to answer professionally – first impressions for the initial call from a prospective employer are crucial. Any unsaved numbers that call, could be your potential new employer so make sure to answer in an appropriate way every time.
  3. If you can’t answer your phone during the day in work, make sure you have a voicemail service set up, so you can follow up with the call on your lunch break or after work.
  4. Be active on LinkedIn. Optimise your profile with keywords that highlight your skills and experience. Join relevant groups and participate in discussions and conversations with peers and potential employers.
  5. Prepare thoroughly for interviews and research the employer as much as you can. Go that little bit further than just checking their website. Check the employer’s social media accounts and find out what activities and initiatives they participate in as a company. Many companies will also promote their company values on their social media accounts. Take note of these and try aligning your own values to theirs during the interview process. Potential employers will love that you have taken the time to really get to know them.
  6. It’s an old saying but if you “fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!” Job hunting is a job in itself so be ready for all eventualities!

Why not take a step towards getting the most out of your job hunting and talk confidentially to someone in Matrix Recruitment Group – we may very well have the job opportunity that is right for you. Contact us today or check out our current vacancies here.