Based in our Athlone office, Senior Recruitment Consultant Aoife McLoughlin discusses the changing recruitment trends we are now seeing in Ireland.

Hiring is an industry that’s constantly evolving. More integrated technology, a widening skills gap and a multigenerational workforce mean there’s a lot for HR and Recruitment professionals to overcome. Before Covid-19 hit Ireland in March, the country was near full employment resulting in companies facing fierce competition to hire the best talent. When the pandemic hit, the recruitment landscape in Ireland changed drastically overnight which resulted in employers and candidates alike, having to completely change their approaches to hiring and job seeking.

Employer Led Market

The job market has been candidate-led for many years. This year there has been a huge change as many employers have the upper hand due to the demand for jobs surpassing supply in many industries. With more jobseekers applying for fewer roles, now more than ever it’s important that candidates are prepared for this more competitive employment market by improving their CV writing skills and preparing for complex interviews which can now be over numerous stages/rounds due to the interviewer’s remote availability. Using this time wisely will allow jobseekers to be prepared and be at a greater advantage once the employment market picks up across many sectors.

The move towards Contract and Temp Employment

With the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought it’s no surprise that many employers are being cautious when it comes to their hiring plans. Due to this, there has been a noticeable increase in contract and temporary roles and a fall in permanent recruitment. This move means that candidates who primarily may have been set on finding a permanent role will need to be flexible to consider contract work until such time as the employment market improves. Taking contract or temp work can also benefit employees by diversifying their skills and giving them valuable exposure to other companies or industries where they can broaden their skillset for future employment.

Adapting the hiring process

This year companies have been forced to digitalize their recruitment processes. There has been a surge in the use of online tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams for online interviewing, technology to help screen applicants faster, and even remote on-boarding for new hires. Being able to adapt to sudden changes in the recruitment process has become paramount for recruiters and candidates alike. The sudden move to remote working and increased use of technology in work means that it’s never been so important for jobseekers to improve their IT skills and be ready for jobseeking and working in ways that are more reliant on technology.

Recruitment Trends 2020 Conclusion

To conclude, the Covid-19 pandemic will eventually pass. At present, however, we have no conclusive date on when it will end.  As recruitment across many industries has slowed considerably it’s likely that whenever this pandemic ends, employers will have very little time to hire candidates and position themselves for the next phase of growth. Therefore, it’s so important that jobseekers use this time to re-skill, reeducate, and become more adaptable for when the employment market picks up, as it inevitably always does in time.

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Aoife McLoughlin Recruitment Trends

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