Here are 5 reasons why you should consider applying through a recruitment consultant rather than making a direct application.

With employment continuing to rise, it is fair to say that there is a massive opportunity for career advancement in Ireland at the moment. Demand for highly skilled candidates is increasing and from our experience at Matrix Recruitment, many jobseekers are dusting off and updating their CVs with renewed enthusiasm for 2016. However, one of the biggest dilemmas that people face when applying for a job is deciding whether to apply directly with the employer or go through a recruitment agency such as ourselves.

1 – A recruitment agency gives you more options

One thing to keep in mind here is that in the majority of cases, an in-house HR professional or talent acquisition specialist is trying to find an individual for a specific role that their organisation needs. If you apply directly for a specific job and don’t quite match what the employer is looking for, the chances are you will be informed you were unsuccessful and that will be the end of your search.

On the other hand, recruitment consultants are constantly on the lookout for highly skilled professionals for multiple jobs and organisations. Even if you’re not suited for the particular job that you have applied for via a recruitment consultant, that doesn’t mean your search ends here. If you have a strong CV with the right skills, qualifications and experience, a good recruitment consultant will keep hold of your details and get in touch when a suitable job for you becomes available. An in-house recruiter will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your application. A recruitment consultant will say ‘maybe not for this job but what about this instead?

2 – A recruitment agency can save you time

When applying for a job, one of the most tedious and time consuming activities is putting together a cover letter and tailoring your CV with the hiring organisation in mind. You may be busy with your own job and personal life and simply not have the time for this. This is where a good consultant can really add value. If a consultant believes you’re a good match for the company he/she is recruiting for then they will happily put together a strong profile on your behalf and make any tweaks to your CV before sending on to the employer (with your permission of course!). Why not lean on the experience of someone who knows the hiring company and take advantage of their knowhow?

3 – A recruitment agency will have you fully prepared

When you apply directly for a job and get shortlisted for interview, in the majority of cases the only communication you will receive prior to the interview itself will be details of the date and time of the meeting. A recruitment agency works a little differently here. You must remember that your consultant (a) knows the type of person the employer is looking for and (b) wants YOU to get the job. Therefore, many consultants offer to conduct a phone or face to face interview before you meet with the employer directly. They will give you interview tips and insider information on the company that you may not have access to yourself. You may not have interviewed in years. Using a recruitment agency gives you a chance to shake off those interview skills cobwebs!

4 – A recruitment agency will keep you in the loop

One of the most frustrating parts of the job process can be waiting to receive feedback on the status of your application. In many cases there could be hundreds of applicants in the hunt for the job and as a result, in-house HR professionals/talent acquisition specialists simply don’t have the time to get back to each person individually. However, a good recruitment consultant will have a strong relationship with the people involved in making the hiring decision and are much more likely to get an update and feedback on your application due to that relationship. Again, you have to remember that your consultant is fighting in your corner and will be just as keen to get an update as you will be.

5 – A recruitment agency can get you a better salary

In the majority of cases the final stage of the recruitment process involves the negotiation and acceptance of a salary offer. When applying directly for a role with a new company, it can be difficult for candidates to know how much the hiring company will be willing to go to secure their services. You may not feel comfortable negotiating hard with what could be your future boss in case you are perceived as greedy and only interested in the job for the money.

On the other hand, a recruitment consultant will probably have worked with the hiring company before and may have a better idea of their budgets etc. and how far they can go to get the best candidate for the job. You also need to keep in mind that recruitment agencies charge a percentage fee based on the final salary agreed between the employer and the candidate and as a result it is within their interest to get you the best salary they can.

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