Are you interested in a career as a Production Manager? As a specialist in the recruitment of production and manufacturing roles, our very own Patricia Deane outlines 5 key requirements that every aspiring Production Manager will need.
Strong Leadership Skills

In many cases, a Production Manager will be responsible for leading teams of up to 60 staff in a fast paced and busy production environment. Providing clear direction to supervisors, team leaders and operatives is no easy task and a good Production Manager will need to be able to make important decisions in high pressure situations. You will need to motivate staff to ensure production targets are met while maintaining the company’s quality standards. It is almost a guarantee that a hiring manager will ask about a candidate’s leadership skills in an interview. Be sure to have examples of situations where you successfully led and motivated a team as well as a time when you had a difficult situation or relationship with a subordinate.

Excellent Communication Skills

The American author and speechwriter James Humes first coined the phrase, “the art of communication is the language of leadership” and this quote still rings true today. There is no denying that you cannot be a strong leader without good communication skills and any aspiring Production Manager will need to display this at interview stage. A Production Manager will need to effectively communicate business goals and targets to his/her team and ensure that these goals and targets are effectively communicated throughout the entire team. If targets are not being met then it is the Production Manager’s responsibility to identify why this is happening through communication with everyone involved. I would recommend having a couple of examples of when you displayed strong communication skills when meeting with a hiring manager about this position.

A Strong Knowledge of Manufacturing Standards

Whether you’re interested in a role in food, pharma or the medical device industry, it is extremely important that you have a strong knowledge of either GMP/ISO/FDA standards (pharma/medical devices) or BRC Food standards. A Production Manager will need to cultivate and implement performance measures to ensure production standards are met and knowledge of the organisation’s industry standards are therefore essential. If this is an area that you are lacking in, the good news is that there are a variety of training providers in Ireland that offer courses and certifications in these standards and practices.

Health & Safety Procedures

Could you imagine a busy manufacturing plant ignoring best practice health and safety procedures and being a safe place to work in? Of course not! Therefore it is no surprise that Production Managers will need to have a strong and up to date knowledge of the latest policies and procedures required to manage a safe and compliant manufacturing facility. Unfortunately accidents can happen on-site and you will responsible for minimising the possibility of them occurring. Similar to certifications in manufacturing practices and standards, a qualification in health and safety would give you a significant advantage here.

Exceptional Organisation Skills

Managing large teams of staff on multiple projects while maintaining quality standards is no easy task and as a result, having strong organisation skills is another key requirement for a good Production Manager. Some candidates that I have worked with have described the role as ‘keeping a hundred plates spinning all at the same time’ so hiring managers are always keen to ask potential employees about examples of when they have displayed strong organisation skills. Be sure to have examples of when you have managed multiple projects at the same time and effectively prioritised your work to ensure that key objectives are met.

PPatricia Deaneatricia is based in our Carlow office and specialises in the recruitment of manufacturing and production roles in the South East. If you are interested in a career in manufacturing or require assistance with the recruitment of a role why not give her a call on 059 9139070 or connect with her on LinkedIn.