Below you will find 5 proactive tips for graduate Engineers directly from our Matrix Recruitment Technical Team.

Our Technical Team have put together 5 top proactive career tips specialised for graduate Engineers. You will find our Technical Team’s contact details below.

1. Find a mentor

Having someone inspiring and experienced to look up to has endless benefits for any young professional, but especially for graduate Engineers. LinkedIn is a great place to start looking for an industry engineering mentor. A good starting point is to look at others who may have completed your course over the last few years. See where they are in their careers now and pop them a message or ask to meet for a coffee. Most will be more than happy to help out an Engineer who is just starting on their career path.

2. Get Experience

Many engineering courses will have work placements as part of the curriculum, take full advantage of this. The more industry and on-site experience you have before leaving college will make you much more attractive to potential employers. Work placements during your course allows you to gain invaluable experience across various industries and sectors. Many of these work placements could be unpaid, however the experience and knowledge you will gain in the process will be priceless.

3. Ask Questions

As professionals, we should always continue to ask questions throughout our careers. As an Engineer, this is even more prevalent. Asking questions forces us to consider all outcomes of a situation. It helps us think outside the box and predict scenarios and results even before they occur. The power of a seemingly simple question can uncover some major, unseen issues or problems with a particular engineering plan or design, for example. Just remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question!

4. Continuous Learning

Engineering, as a sector, is constantly changing and developing with the introduction of new technologies and ideas. To say your learning is finished once you complete your engineering degree and have your qualification, doesn’t make sense. Whilst your qualification may be specialised, knowing how to work with other disciplines could be a huge bonus in the workplace, especially when working on larger projects with other engineers.

5. Networking

As with any profession, networking is crucial and is a fantastic way to advance your career and uncover new opportunities. Keep in touch with your college lecturers, your classmates and professionals whom you may have met whilst on work placement. Join relevant engineering groups on LinkedIn and take part in conversations and discussions with other professionals. Reach out to your contacts on a yearly basis to update them on what’s going on in your career. Remember, networking is a two-way street; be ready to give back as well!

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