2021 Salary Guide

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Our 2021 salary guide has been developed for business leaders and professionals in Ireland to assist in making knowledgeable and clear decisions in relation to hiring, attracting and retaining top talent.  We looked beyond the CSO average salary inflation, which applies to most roles in Ireland, and focused on the roles we specialise in.

2020 has caused significant disruptions in operations and personnel management, COVID-19 being the dominant bringer of change. In 2021 we will see a continuation of this new normal as we adapt to new ways of working, which may include remote working for many industries – continuing to affect organisational hiring processes.

The coronavirus pandemic has tipped us into another global recession which will present its own challenges for the economy, along with the impact of the Brexit fallout, but it’s not all bad news – market growth is expected in industries like manufacturing, IT, engineering and life sciences, while other regions are set to experience growth as we see a move away from a centralisation of Dublin.

Recruitment will play an important role in the year ahead, as demands for remote workers are set to increase, along with demand for temporary staffing solutions. We are once again in an employer-led market, and a focus on retaining quality staff, rather than obtaining staff in general, is greater than it has been in recent years. Skills shortages will be observed in sectors that have experienced growth.

Wellbeing is a motivational factor that has made its way to the forefront of employees’ minds for 2021, fulfilled by a greater sense of work-life balance, flexible working opportunities, location, traffic and costs of living.

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What to expect from the 2021 Salary Guide:

  • Permanent roles and temporary contracts

Recruitment for permanent positions has dropped significantly this year. Instead, there has been a rise in the number of temporary and contract positions available in Ireland. We expect this trend to continue into 2021 and beyond as the economy attempts to recover from the impact of COVID-19 and companies struggle to make long-term appointment commitments.

As companies make cuts, we have also seen a rise in the number of skilled candidates seeking out employment. This is a complete reversal on the last year’s position where there was a skills shortage across many sectors of the economy. Many of these candidates are holding out for permanent positions. However, in doing so, they are significantly diminishing their chances of gaining employment.

  • Survive or thrive 

Economically, Ireland is suffering, the Pandemic Unemployment Payment has kept the wolves from business doors for now, but should the government decide not to extend the payment past April 1st 2021, we may start to see the true damage of the pandemic on Irish businesses. The permanent closure of some companies and firms may begin, particularly in areas such as hospitality, which has been devastated by local lockdowns and the ban on non-essential travel.

  • Remote work & Flexi hours

Last year we said that location, traffic, property prices, and flexitime would be a focus when recruiting and retaining talent in 2020. Some of this certainly holds in a pandemic world, but not all.

There has been a renewed focus on flexitime, remote work and location. Employers had to adapt quickly to a full-time remote model earlier this year to keep staff safe from COVID-19. This gave employers and employees a chance to experience working from home on a long-term basis and evidence suggests that the results are broadly positive. In the long term, we see companies introducing a hybrid model of remote work where staff will work from home a few days a week as well as attending the workplace. This benefit will become a key point of discussion during the recruitment process in the years ahead and will offer employees a positive work-life balance.

Click to Download: Matrix Recruitment 2021 Salary Guide

As we move into 2021, Matrix Recruitment promises to continue to work closely with clients and candidates to achieve the best possible outcome for both. We can advise and assist during the recruitment process, for both permanent and temporary recruitment assignments. At Matrix, we specialise in you.

Wishing you good health and good fortune in the year ahead,

Kieran McKeown, Managing Director, Matrix Recruitment Group

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Matrix Recruitment 2021 Salary Guide

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