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Our 2020 salary guide and market research predictions are averages for each role and so may fluctuate slightly, depending on the size of the company. This should be taken into account when reviewing the salary bands. Benchmark your payscale against salaries split by profession and region. This guide will help identify the top skills in demand for each sector in Ireland ahead of a prosperous year of growth. We hope our insights provide value to you, whether you’re hoping to find out how much you could earn or how much you should pay in 2020.

2019 was an interesting year overall economically in Ireland. The outlook for 2020 is positive but the impact of Brexit and other geopolitical factors cannot be ignored. Ireland has experienced considerable movement on jobs throughout the past year, particularly within the financial services, compliance, IT and supply chain sectors. While the capital may be the focus for companies creating jobs, the regions have also seen their fair share of jobs being created. The South East and Midlands regions have seen job growth in cybersecurity, medical devices, pharmaceutical and financial services as well as manufacturing.

Recruitment remains high on the agenda for most organisations but skills shortages in many areas have led to intense competition for skills, making strategic workforce planning essential for organisations this year. The focus for employers needs to be the remuneration package as a whole and benefits continue to play a key part in attracting and retaining staff.

The ‘package’ is no longer the key driver for many candidates. Instead, we find that location, traffic, property prices and flexitime are key constituents in the decision-making process. Employee healthcare and pensions continue to be at the top of candidates’ wish lists when moving roles and are almost expected to be a standard part of an offering. Work-life balance is also crucial for candidates and companies, therefore, they have to deliver on culture and values.

At Matrix Recruitment, we continue to work closely with all our clients across our specialist areas, advising and assisting them in filling their open roles, whilst also pipelining talent for further potential hires in 2020 and beyond.

Our 2020 salary guide and market research are divided into the following sections, focusing on roles that we specialise in within each:

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