Time for a move? Matrix Recruitment Survey 2017 reveals 88% of workers in Ireland aren’t in their dream job.

Matrix Recruitment’s Workforce Survey 2017

57% would move abroad for their dream job
Two thirds would miss a wedding or funeral to land the perfect role
24% of job candidates amended their social media status to secure their current job
57% never heard back following an interview

We surveyed 807 adults looking at a range of employment topics including the average cost and length of a job search, recent job-hunting experiences and the sacrifices that candidates are willing to make to secure the ultimate job.

We found that 70% of workers in Ireland believe that there is such a thing as a dream job, but only 12% reported that they have their dream job.

With unemployment at its lowest rate in years, the jobs market is buoyant with more opportunities than ever before for those looking to move jobs. Companies are competing against one another to attract and retain the best candidates and this is reflected in many of the remuneration packages currently on offer. Interestingly however, the survey findings suggest that opportunities and salaries do not necessarily correspond to greater job satisfaction, as the majority of respondents (88%) do not feel their current role is their ‘dream job’.

No response from employers

It was surprising to see that 57% of people who attended an interview had never heard back from the company. Obviously this doesn’t reflect well on Irish employers, especially given how competitive it has become to attract top talent. We recommend providing feedback to all applicants; each one could be a potential hire for a different role.  In addition, it’s really important that a company safeguards its reputation by providing a positive and constructive experience for candidates.

In addition to those who had not heard back following an interview, 93% of respondents reported having submitted a CV for a role and never received a response.

Going through a recruitment agency like ourselves ensures you are never left in the dark and will always receive feedback from us and our clients. Find out some more benefits of using an agency here.

Employees spend little time preparing for an interview  

The data also revealed that people are spending very little time researching or preparing for interviews. 28% said that they spent just one hour updating their CV and 22% spent less than one hour researching before the interview. It’s possible that candidates who don’t spend much time researching the companies and industry in which they want to work take jobs that don’t offer them long-term job satisfaction. If you join the dots, this could well be a reason why 88% of people say that they aren’t in their dream job. Not only will research help ensure the role is right for you, but it will pay off at interview stage with a company too. Learn how to answer this popular interview question here. 

More than half (56%) of respondents secured their most recent job in less than one month, although 12% reported a three-month recruitment process. A two to three-month recruitment process is common for C-suite Executive roles or for positions in the well known international tech firms. These companies have a reputation for holding multiple rounds of interviews to ensure they hire the best of the best, and often look for those who will match the culture of the organisation.

Workers willing to invest

When asked about the costs involved in securing their current job, transport emerged as the greatest expense with 13% of respondents spending more than €100 to travel to an interview. Personal appearance is obviously important to Ireland’s workforce with half of all respondents saying that they spent money on grooming in preparation for an interview.  50% of men and 63% of women also spent money on new clothing.

Whilst only 6% of those surveyed had invested in a career coach for their current job, 65% would be willing to pay an expert to write their CV for their dream job. 61% would travel abroad at their own expense in pursuit of a job they really want.

There is a substantial number of people who are willing to dedicate time and money to successfully nailing an interview for a new job. Respondents’ willingness to cover their own travel costs for an interview overseas indicates that for many spending their own money isn’t a deterrent if they deem the job good enough.

Back to college for 45-55 year olds

Nearly three quarters (74%) of 45-55 year olds are willing to go back to college to re-train for a role with higher job satisfaction.

We anticipated that people in their 20’s and even 30’s might be willing to re-train to gain the perfect job, but it was interesting to see such high figures in the older age groups, particularly given the temporary loss of earnings and overall time it would take. It goes to show that for some people, it’s never too late to make a career change. For advice on moving jobs to a new industry click here.

Young workers don’t believe in the dream job 

Whilst most workers over the age of 35 believe that the dream job exists, just 9% of 18 to 24 year olds believe the same statement to be true.

In our experience, 18 to 24 year olds don’t expect conventional job perks such as pensions or health benefits when they start a new role and are far more comfortable embracing new employment trends and working in the gig economy of short-term contracts or freelance work than their older peers.  The concept of a ‘job for life’ or the perfect role isn’t a priority for Millennials and Generation Z, as they pursue careers that combine their creative and professional passions regardless of traditional employment norms. If the idea of a contract role scares you, you are not alone – learn how to tackle the fear and how you too can embrace the gig economy here.

We believe that the jobs market in Ireland has the potential to become even more buoyant than it is now, with so many people identifying that they are not in their dream jobs. The survey revealed that the Irish workforce is willing to spend time and money on education and re-training, travelling or moving abroad and even taking a pay cut to land their dream job.  There are plenty of options for strong job candidates at the moment, so if they feel there might be something better for them out there, they should consider taking a look.  There is nothing to lose and a new job or career can be life-changing.

Our 2017 Workforce Survey was carried out online in July 2017 amongst 807 adults in Ireland. As featured in the Irish Independent, BreakingNews.ie, Irish Sun, Irish Daily Star and the Daily Mirror.

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