The Ultimate Guide To Interview Confidence

The Ultimate Guide to Interview Confidence is full of useful techniques and tips to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at interviews.

Confidence is Key!

This guide was written by the wonderful Mike McClement to assist you in giving the best possible performance in your interview. It contains fantastic tips on gaining the interview confidence needed to do a great job!

The guide is broken into two parts.

Step One is all about the ‘build up’ to the interview. It’s essential you start in a positive, confident frame of mind. You need to walk in expecting to be offered the job. This isn’t being cocky or over-confident. Thinking like this is sensible. If you have an expectation of success, you’re more likely to succeed. If you expect to fail, you probably will.

interview confidence

Step Two is about how to make sure you can support your positive mental attitude with an impressive physical presence. The interviewer must see you as confident, impressive, professional and knowledgeable. It is all about how you communicate at the interview; how you come across with your body language, your voice and your demeanour.

Read the full guide here.

Up Your Psyche

Watch this video below to calm your nerves before entering the interview – remember, nerves are a good thing! Take deep breaths, prepare yourself, close your eyes and imagine you are in the interview. Take a step by step tour in your head of what will happen once you enter the room. Preparation is key.

Mike is a Self-Confidence Coach & Performance Management Specialist. He founded Think Confidence in 2009 and his proven 4 Step Plan to greater self-confidence is a leading online confidence building resource. 

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