Are YOU the Office Angel or Devil?

Are YOU a culprit? We found out what the most annoying habits of Irish office workers are. Read about them in this article.

We found out the most annoying workplace habits guaranteed to irritate your colleagues!

No matter where you work, what you do or the size of your company, it’s highly likely you have encountered a colleague whose habits or obsessions have driven you crazy. Joanne Foley, Recruitment Manager of our Dublin Office says, almost everyone has experienced an annoying colleague but if you haven’t, does that mean It Could Be You?

Are you the Office Angel or Devil?

“Now that we spend more and more time at work, office etiquette has become increasingly important. You might be brilliant at your job but if you annoy the hell out of 99% of your co-workers, it’s not your financial wizardry or IT skills for which you’ll be remembered”, says Joanne.

Read on to see if you recognise yourself from our list of the most annoying office habits.

  1.  Are you the person who always eats smelly food at your desk?

Regardless of how delicious it might be, eating last night’s fish pie or your favourite egg and onion sandwiches at your desk is bound to make you unpopular among your colleagues.

  1.  Do you regularly pinch colleagues’ food from the fridge?

A slice of bread here, half an avocado there, a piece of cheese or a handful of grapes; surely, no one will notice? Wrong – we always know when someone’s taken our food and we don’t like it.

 Are you the Office Angel or Devil?

  1. Do you ‘borrow’ staplers, pens and all manner of stationery from a co-worker and never return them?

Do you leave it blatantly on your desk without any thought for its original home? Even worse, do you label it as yours once you’ve swiped it?  Seems like a minor misdemeanour but it drives co-workers crazy.

  1. Are you the office martyr who comes to work when you are sick?

Nobody enjoys hearing loud sniffling at work, especially if they’re at risk of catching a bug themselves. Stay at home, you’re not welcome when you’re sick; don’t be the office martyr, no one will thank you for it.

Are you the Office Angel or Devil?

  1. Do you come in at 9.05am, yet never seem to make it to your desk before 9.30am?

You arrive in five minutes late but don’t actually get down to work until you’ve had your first cup of tea and a slice of toast (or a tin of tuna if you’re like number one on this list…..)

  1. Or maybe you’re the person who always switches off 10 minutes early?

You really have to be out the door at 5.30pm, so you start shutting down your computer, packing up and putting on your coat from 5.20pm.  You might think no one notices.  They do.

Are you the Office Angel or Devil?

  1. Do your colleagues avoid using the toilet after you?

One of the worst offences and usually the least pleasant.

  1. Are you the office over-sharer?

Does everyone know what your child’s best friend’s cousin got for her birthday? Or maybe they know every single detail of your Saturday night out? Be selective when you share personal information – we know it’s important to you, but Dave in accounts might not care so much.

  1. Do you indulge in ‘beautifying’ at your desk?

Tweezers, hair straighteners and nail clippers – are any of these on your desk? If so, you’re in trouble. At the very least take it to the bathroom but PLEASE make sure to clean up any evidence of personal ‘beautifying’ before you leave.

Are you the Office Angel or Devil?

  1. Do you neglect the tea round?

Those who always accept a cuppa but never boil the kettle quickly fall down the ranks of the office pecking order. Make the tea.

How many of our top 10 list have you been guilty of in the past? According to Joanne, “if you ticked just one or two, you’re probably ok but any more and it might be time to pull up your socks around the workplace.  With a couple more tea rounds and some general good manners you can transform from the office devil to office angel in no time.”

Are you the Office Angel or Devil?

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