Sarah O'Donnell from our recruitment team gives her advice on how to get the most out of your Recruitment Consultant & secure employment.

There is no doubt that finding your dream job is a difficult and sometimes daunting process. Most people will use a recruitment agency at some point in their lives to make this process easier. Click here to see how Matrix’s Recruitment Process works. The following guide will help you to get the most out of your Recruitment Consultant, build a relationship and secure employment.

Honesty is the best policy:

The recruitment consultant will ask a number of screening questions to determine your suitability for the position. Honesty is extremely important here and is certainly the best way to secure employment. Be open with your recruiter regarding your needs. Also, let the recruiter know off the bat if you are open to contract and temporary roles. I have seen numerous cases where candidates apply to contract roles, but do not actually want a contract position. Be clear about what you want, be totally transparent and your relationship with your recruiter will be a lot easier. As recruiters, we work to represent you and have your best interests at heart. To make a good match between a candidate and a job/company, we need all the information!

Keep a list of jobs you have been applying for:

You will be asked, “have you ever applied for this role previously?”. It is extremely important to be honest at this stage! You may feel that it does not matter if you have already applied for this role, applied to another role in the same company, or have already applied for the role through another agency or directly to the company, however, companies do not respond well to “serial applicants”. Moreover, we cannot put you forward for the role if you have applied already so to withhold this information is a time waste for all involved. Make a list, keep notes on your notepad on your phone or even flag your job applications in your emails.

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Spend time on your CV

Setting aside time to ensure your CV is complete and up-to-date will save a lot of time for both parties. Always assume that your CV is one of many and is it important to make your application stand out. Read our blog on the 7 Deadly CV Sins to help you. You can also tailor your CV to suit the job your applying for. Read the job advertisement carefully, and ensure that your CV makes reference to as much of the key requirements as possible. This will catch the attention of the recruiter, and again saving time and increases your chances of securing the position.

Seek as much information from your Recruitment Consultant as you can!

Always remember that the Recruitment Consultant is PRO-YOU and will want to do everything they can to increase your chances of employment. The candidate is gaining by using the agency and their salary is not affected. Your Recruitment Consultant is an expert in their geographic location and specialised field and can provide you with excellent advice and tips that you would not get by applying directly. Remember the Recruitment Consultant knows the company and will provide you with as much information as possible to make sure you have a successful interview.


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Be respectful of the Recruitment Consultant’s time

It is a good sign if a Recruitment Consultant is extremely busy as it highlights two things – they are working a number of roles which is a positive reflection of the jobs market, and also that they are good at what they do! The recruitment process can sometimes take time. If you apply for a position, give your Recruitment Consultant some time to get back to you and trust that if your CV is suitable for the role that you will be called. The recruiter has numerous relationships to manage and will always come back to you as soon as they can.

Keep an eye on your phone and emails

If you have made the decision to start applying for jobs, either through the agency’s website, agency advertisements on jobs boards like Irish Jobs and Recruit Ireland, or through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It is important to be available for calls or emails from the recruiter. Some people find it difficult to answer the phone during working hours so it’s good practice to state this at the outset and provide a time that is convenient for you to have a quick chat. If you are on a shortlist of people and you do not respond to an email or phone call, there is a strong chance that the recruiter may not have the time to wait and will send the other candidates for the role.

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Attention to detail is key

It is hugely important to read the job specification very carefully before applying for a position. This will outline key essential requirements for the position. If you do not hold these requirements it is probably best to not apply for the role. If you feel that your experience is relevant to the role and you are lacking on one essential requirement you can make a note on your application. Again, being a “serial applicant” and sending CVs to positions which you are not suitable for is not a good reflection on you as a candidate.

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