Have you ever considered the similarities between a first date and a job interview? Aishling discusses these similarities in this blog post!

When the time and date, for a job interview or a first date, has been set – the same feeling kicks in – the fear!

You’re nervous, you’re panicking but you’re also excited at what the outcome of this meeting can bring!

And that’s not the only similarity there is between an interview and a first date. Here’s 5 more!

  1. Dress to Impress

Have you ever experienced the trauma over deciding what to wear going on a first date? Interviews are the exact same! As much as we love to say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, assumptions are made based on first impressions. It’s the first thing the hiring manager notices when you walk in the room – so choose carefully!

Tip #1 – Try it on first. Sometimes outfits on a hanger look nothing like outfits on a body.

Tip #2 – Wear something that makes you feel good – that way you will project confidence.

How a first date compares to a Job Interview

  1. Do your Research

Would you go on a date without knowing anything at all about who you are going on a date with? (Don’t lie 🙂 ). Let’s be honest, we all turn to Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and have a little “creep” on the other person!

The same principle applies for interviews – do your research about the company, know something that might impress them. If you’re not doing your homework – you can be sure the hiring manager is – so use your Social Media (especially LinkedIn for an interview) to showcase your skills – make yourself as attractive as possible.


  1. Hold Back on the Bad-Mouthing

Questions such as “Why did you leave your last job” or “Have you ever had any issues with your employers/colleagues” are trick questions! Do not give out about your old job or employer when you answer them or you might as well kiss goodbye to this opportunity.

Similarly, in a date situation, don’t go slagging off your ex! (Yes, I know it may be harder for some more than others 🙂 – but don’t). Play it cool, the last thing your date wants to hear is you go on a rant about what an idiot your ex was and how crazy they made you. Remember, if this goes well and it becomes a relationship, it’s then when your crazy side can come out 🙂


How a first date compares to a Job Interview

  1. Two-way conversation

Picture this – you’re on a date, you ask your date a simple question – and you don’t get a word in for another half hour. Are you going to go looking for a second date? I don’t think so! Remember to come up for air – don’t just talk about yourself, keep the conversation running both ways. In your interview, don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager some questions about the company. It helps them stay engaged while also showing you are keen on this position – win/win!


  1. Aim for Meeting No. 2

Regardless of whether your meeting is a first date or an interview – the aim remains the same. You want another date or you want a second interview!

SO… with that in mind – don’t be too clingy, don’t be too needy and don’t give away too much.

When asked about your weaknesses in an interview, use this as an opportunity to show how you want to improve. Remember it’s about twisting a negative into a positive!

Likewise, on a date if asked about your flaws, keep the bad ones to yourself (for now!), only share an appropriate amount for the first date – don’t scare them off and leave them wanting to know more!

Another thing to note is after an interview it is always good to send a quick thank you email to the hiring manager, it’s polite and reinforces your interest in the opportunity. Likewise, after a date – all going well of course – a short text to say you had a good time is the perfect finish to a good date. But ladies, you might leave this to the guys, wait for them to text you –  don’t panic if you don’t hear anything straight away, all in good time. 🙂


Having read that, I bet you didn’t realise how similar these two meetings were. Well, now you do – and just in time for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Before I go, one more tip – never underestimate the third parties that enter your date/interview such as the receptionist at the front desk or the waiters at the restaurant, be nice to them all. You are being watched!

Whichever situation you may have coming your way – either now or in the future – I wish you good luck and hopefully you will be on your way to a long-term relationship!

How a first date compares to a Job Interview

By Aishling Lanigan.