Are you still struggling to settle back into work after Christmas? Don't worry you're not alone and there is a reason - Blue Monday! Michelle Hand, from our Athlone Office, talks about overcoming the Blue Monday slump in this blog post.

Ah yes, January!!! A time for contemplation, for new beginnings; out with the old and in with the new!

The first day back brings an initial dread of wondering how we can get back into work clothes after PJs have become a staple item of clothing over Christmas. It also takes a bit of adjustment to reset the body clocks to get back to working hours after a blur of days where morning slips into night indulging in boxsets and selection boxes.

But you muster up the motivation; it’s a fresh new year and new start, and then the slump hits…….

Blue Monday

2 weeks into a New Year and payday still feels a lifetime away, as does Christmas – Christmas? What Christmas? It is for most now a distant memory.

Now don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I’m feeling extremely positive for what 2018 will bring – We’ve come back to an extremely busy environment here in the Midlands and West. It’s been a great start to the year chatting to old and new clients and candidates alike and hopefully, it’s a sign of good things to come.

But whilst I may still be wishing people a “Happy New Year” in the 2nd week of January, it got me to thinking about this slump that seems to have hit.

Blue Monday

A bit of googling brought me to learn about a Dr Cliff Arnall who coined the term “Blue Monday” – which occurs every year and this year falls today, Monday 15th January. In fact, there is a formula used to determine this:

Blue Monday

Ok, yes, for all my Technical candidates out there, there is no actual scientific evidence to support this – we are merely talking pseudo-science here.

Blue Monday” has been considered to be a time of low motivation, Christmas is a distant memory, debt levels might be a bit higher waiting for payday, perhaps our New Years Resolutions have failed already – well I say, kick all the negative connotations to the kerb – take this opportunity to flip it on it’s head. Do something new for you – meet some new friends, take on a new hobby, book a holiday, or maybe you want to embark on a new career!! Sky’s the limit!

Blue Monday

Naturally, there is one thing that we could help you out with! If you decide the new career/job is what you want to pursue, then please feel free to contact your local branch and see what 2018 might have in store for you.

Here at Matrix Recruitment, we would like to help you explore these possibilities.

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