In this blog post, Aishling highlights 7 common mistakes that people make when writing their CV - the 7 deadly sins!

Employers need to go through stacks of CVs when hiring new employees. Therefore, when writing your CV – it is important to make every word count and NOT to make any mistakes! The competition for roles is ever increasing and the most simple mistake can cost you getting over the line.

With that in mind, make sure not to commit any of these 7 deadly CV sins.

7 Deadly CV sins

1. Sending the Same CV with all applications

Different jobs require different skill sets and personal attributes and sending a generic CV for all job applications is the first deadly sin. Remember, even though the job title may be the same, the role will differ from company to company and you need to tailor your CV accordingly, matching and highlighting your skills against the job ad. CVs are not a one-size-fits-all – write a cover letter and tweak your CV specific to the job in question and show how you are the perfect fit for the role.

2. Bad Grammar

When it comes to getting shortlisted for a role you are perfect for, grammar can mean everything. Over 50% of recruiters say they lost faith in a candidate due to poor spelling. Proof reading is such a small step and can leave you at such a big disadvantage!

Example: “I speak English and Spinach” or “Seeking a party-time position” Oops…

SO make sure you use spell check and get rid of sloppy grammar.

TIP: Print your CV and proof it on printed paper rather that online. Another option is to get your family member or friend to proof it – for such a simple step, it can make all the difference for you.

Another important point to remember when writing your CV is to present it well – clean, polished layout with readable font.

7 Deadly CV sins

3. Too Much Writing

INFORMATION OVERLOAD! This is possibly the worst thing you can do when writing your CV. Although, you might mean well trying to showcase how great you are by listing every duty you carried out since 1999, the hiring manager will not view it that way!

If you find space is tight, references can be deleted! The employer never needs references until later in the recruitment process, therefore if you don’t have room for them – cut them!

Click here for advice from our recruiters on which is more important – Education or Experience.

4. Personal Information – too personal!

Including too much personal information is just not necessary – marital status, smoker, gender, date of birth, colour of your carpets, etc.

‘I am married to Mary and we have two lovely girls and a dog named Charles.”

Nice story but is that going to help you get the job? Nope – definitely not. Personal information stays at the essentials – Name, Address and Contact Details will suffice thanks!

7 Deadly CV sins

5. Unsuitable Email Address

You’re a professional looking for a new job and the contact information you provide advises your prospective new employer to email you via ‘”

Please folks, create a new email account especially for your job search activities and use this for all interactions with recruitment agencies and companies! Please… 😊

6. Outdated Phrases

Some phrases have just lost all meaning such as:

  • Self-motivated
  • Results-driven
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Problem-Solver

YAWN! Instead of using these generic buzz words, why not let your skills and experience speak for themselves. Shift your focus to showing on your CV how you have these qualities and attributes – that is what will impress and stand out from the crowd! Use creative language outside of the generic run of the mill.

7. Lying on your CV

NEVER lie on your CV – you’ll automatically ruin all credibility and chances are you will get caught out in the end and sabotage your chance of getting the job.

“Greatest Achievement: Won an Olympic Gold medal before walking on the Moon”

Hmmm …

7 Deadly CV sins


I hope you found this blog helpful for writing your CV! If your CV passes the test and you want some interview tips Click Here! 😊

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